How can I open mate-terminal to a specific zoom level?


Is it possible to set mate-terminal to always open at a specific zoom level? I know I can change the font size and the window size separately, but I would like to leave those alone and just open at a certain zoom level, e.g. 1.25. I do know that I can run
mate-terminal --zoom=1.25
but I would like the zoom level to be set when I run mate-terminal using ctrl+alt+t, or using the default launcher.

I believe that you can create a new keyboard shortcut or edit the existing one for ctrl+alt+t. Go to Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and make something like this. I'm using ctrl+alt+shift+t but you can use anything you like.


I would recommend to change settings of default MATE Terminal profile.
To do so you need to open MATE Terminal, then choose EditProfile Preferences and then set needed Font with its size and optionally change Default terminal size.
See screenshot below:

Thank you, that seems to be the best solution. I also changed the properties of the menu editor so that it always opens at a zoom level of 1.25.