How detect my webcam

I hate to tell you that I’m so new I don’t even know formatting- and I read all the things you’re supposed to report on when asking a question and I don’t understand them. I don’t speak the language… sorry.

I do know that this is a very old Dell computer that my friend Moss fixed up for me. Windows 10 virus killed it when it worked last a few months ago… so he put Unbuntu Mate on it.

I connected my webcam that was new less than a year ago and worked fine. It seems to work now, in Skype. But I can’t take pics with it, as I used to. I found that Shotwell, says connect a camera for taking pics, but it doesn’t say how to detect it and I can’t find it. Or maybe one of my other programs will find it? We added a bunch of programs last night, but I haven’t learned them, yet. sorry. I am not tech savvy, no formal computer training, an old lady who used windows up until the windows 10 virus came along.

Hi @seascat Run the program Cheese as in “say cheese!”. You’ll find it in the menu Applications -> Sound & Video. I’m pretty sure it’s installed by default.

I’m crossing my fingers your webcam will be detected and running instantly.


Awesome, that was it!!! :slight_smile: Yeah!

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