How do I boot into Windows after installing Ubuntu MATE?

So I install Ubuntu mate and I want to go back to windows cuz I can't play my fav games can someone help me out the USB in my computer it reads it but I put boot option1 windows but it always boots Ubuntu mate I've tried f11 and my bios and it always boot auburn no matter what I have a ASRock tower can someone help plz

First of all, I can't tell whether you don't understand English very well, or if, quite frankly, you were too lazy to describe your problem coherently. Whichever one is applicable, it's important to word your problems coherently, because otherwise nobody can figure out what you meant. Plus, we volunteer technical support people are often a little lazy ourselves, and if something is really, really hard to decipher, we'll pass it up.

I renamed the title of this topic to what I think your question is about, but I can't be sure just yet.

If I'm understanding correctly, you installed Ubuntu MATE and now you want the ability to boot into Windows when you want to play games; but so far, everything you've tried always winds up loading Ubuntu MATE instead of Windows?

Here's some questions:

  • What version of Ubuntu MATE did you install? (Hint: Use the System Monitor application in Ubuntu MATE to find that out. The information is under the first tab of the System Monitor, and comes roughly in the form of Ubuntu MATE xx.yy "Cuckoo Codename".)

  • What is the "USB in my computer"? Is it the USB stick you used to install Ubuntu MATE? If so, remove it. If you actually installed Ubuntu MATE, you're just going to keep rebooting into the USB stick and into a live Ubuntu MATE session.

  • Did you choose to install Ubuntu alongside any other installed operating systems, or did you erase the whole disk? If you erased the whole disk, then Windows shouldn't still be installed. You get what you ask for.

  • When you start the boot process, is there ever a message that says something like "To interrupt the boot process, press Escape"? If so, press Esc there and see if a menu of operating systems shows up.

  • Maybe you could give us more details about your hardware, such as model numbers of the motherboard, and also if you have more than one hard drive / solid state drive installed. Also important to know is whether you installed Ubuntu MATE on one drive and Windows on another, separate drive.

I'll try my best to help you here, but if you continue putting too little effort into your own words, don't expect me to put much effort into solving your problems.


Motherboard is a ASRock B450M and the version I am on is 1.24.0 and no its a whole dif USB it did not download Ubuntu mate on this USB and I wiped my whole disk yes if I hold ESC something pop up yes I saw it before but not it just shows what's running such as it booting up says everything is ok no I did not have a dual boot I made only one everyons said Ubuntu mate Linux where good I can't even play any of my games but sorry again for not adding enough detail I'm not lazy I just wasn't thinking cuz I have been working on this dam thing all day

Since you wiped Windows 10 from your disk you have to reinstall it.
I persume you don't want Ubuntu-MATE anymore so let's get started

Go to:

If you follow all the instructions on that website you will have your windows 10 back in no time.
If you need further assistance with installing windows and you can't find it at the microsoft site, visit a community support site. This one, for instance, has a lot of friendly people:

Good luck with the reinstall :slight_smile:

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Ok thank u for your help I really appreciate it I'm glad there's communitys like this

So, if you've installed Ubuntu MATE and want to boot into Windows, you'll need to access your BIOS settings. When you start your computer, try pressing one of the Windows key along with the F11 key to enter the boot menu. Then, just select the correct option for Windows, and you should be good to go. If that doesn't work, you can also try checking your BIOS settings and changing the boot order to prioritize Windows. And if that doesn't work, just get one of the windows keys and install new windows. Allways works out. I know this thread is old, but I hope this still helps.

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