How Do I control HiDPI Settings

I’m on a System76 Galago with a 2K screen. I’m currently running 17.10 Beta 2. I have changed the DPI settings under the appearance -> font which fixes most things but doesn’t fix everything (ex. icons in indicator applet are tiny, and some applications like Blender still have tiny font).

Is the appearance->font->Details->DPI setting the place where DPI is set overall on the system or is here another way that is in the works that currently doesn’t have a GUI.

I know this is under active development but I can’t find any recent documentation.

Wimpy has shown off some screenshots, such as the one of the indicators in the Artful beta announcements, but he hasn’t given a guide yet on how he did it.

Such a tease! I will be watching for the guide and offer up my services as a tester.

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