How do I create Ubuntu MATE Respin?

Hi peeps,

Whilst I am using a desktop and a laptop I’d like to create a spin of UM 15.04 with all my applications already installed. I also would like to change the look and feel of UM (I use Numix GTK and the Ultra-Flat icon theme). But as Remastersys isn’t developed any more and Black Lab Imager is only available if you pay $50, I’ve tried some alternatives, but noting seem to work. Either the image is only 35k, the image doesn’t boot or it askes for a username on login (which I do not know).

I’ve tried remastersys, respin, the latest free version of Blacklab Imager and a few others.

As there is a uumate spin of UM, my questions are:

  • How can I make a respin of UM with my settings and my applications?
  • Is there a good tutorial somewhere?
  • Is there a tool I could use that actually works? :slight_smile:

Mind you, this is only for personal use so I do not have to install Gimp, Google Chrome, Skype etc. whenever I reinstall Ubuntu MATE 15.04

This might be an option:

You could just make a complete copy of your setup with Clonezilla.

@MichaelTunnell With Clonezilla you cannot copy it to another computer. I am looking at systemback now, thnx @sb56637

@wizd3m if you try it can you tell us about your experience ?