How do I log out of this forum?

I've been here for a few months, but I think it's time I ask this (newbie-esque) question -- and I couldn't find an answer anywhere else:

How on Earth does anybody log out of this forum?

Most fora I've seen have a Log Out option so that the user chooses when he or she wants to log out. In the past, I've just closed the browser when I'm done viewing this forum, but I suspect that's a slight security risk.

Any insight?

Thanks in advance.

click on your picture (top right), go to the little man icon (left), the last option is logout



Dang -- never noticed that before. I guess my eyes are going bad. Time for some new eyeglasses.

Thanks so much @pavlos_kairis!

DUDE, THANKS for asking, most people are too afraid to ask about simple stuff.

Plus, if it was open source without any risks to forking, someone would have forked it and fixed the logout flow.

The uppercase is not for shouting, I'm just lazy.