How do I open a bug report with Atareao weather app team?

I'm on Launchpad on their page, but I can't find a hint where I could open a bug report.

The problem I have since UM 20.04 is that the widget isn't shown on the desktop.
Issue 1 is still not solved that it causes a crash if I (and some other seems to have the same) choose Autostart, which can be avoided by launching it manually each day.

But the more important issue 2 is that as soon as I click on the desktop, the widget isn't longer shown. I have this on 2 laptops. I would need to use "Always on top", but because it's a small laptop monitor, I can't have it all the time overlapping everything.
It seems to have to do with the way how UM20.04 deals with objects that are overlapping for example, the panels program window preview is always on top of everything.
As far as I tried it in Virtualbox, that problem doesn't appear there and I can only assume it might be a problem with NVidia, desktop management, and graphical UI.

Forgive me, I'm no developer.

Can someone help me please to get more information about this problem?

Please see the following -

Good luck Newhere.

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Thanks @mdooley , I reported the issue with video attached.
I have tested the issue over the recent months in all its scenarios.
Hopefully, I get my clock back at some point.

Looks like it's fixed. I installed an update this morning on my test machine. Who ever fixed it, thank you so much :slight_smile: