How do I open newly downloaded software?

Hi there. I am completely wet behind the ears when it comes to Linux, and am just learning the very basics, so pardon the seemingly obvious nature of the question. I am starting to assemble my software packages that I use in windows, and am running into some trouble. I have gone through the process of unpacking my tarball and installing the software which was successful. But now…how do I find/launch the software? Every help guide I have looked at on this tells me I should use the software center, but it’s not listed there. Additionally when I use the Mate search tool to look for my software it will simply show me my unpacked tarball and a few dialog files in the downloads folder. I can’t find anything in the unpacked tarball that looks like an application launcher.

What packages have you downloaded? Links please.

It’s called FastX. Here is a link:

click on the link below the login that says “looking for the desktop client?”

Also Matlab

I should be more clear here. Matlab shows nothing that would indicate a launcher. FastX shows what looks like a launcher, but when I double click it, nothing happens.

Sorry, I have no experience with either one.

Well when you download a compiled app you should look for the binary files . Binary files have this extensions ".bin" ".i686" ".x86_64" or no extension at all (There may be others , couse it doesn't matter what extension is at the end). In this FastX app after extract you should go in the directory and there are 2 binaries and 1 softlink.

The AppRun is a soft link . The link Points to the FastX binary .
So the program is run by FastX binary.

If nothing happens there could be 2 options .

  1. The app is not marked as executable
    2.Missing dependencies

To check if all required libs are installed :
in terminal "ldd [program name]" (Does not work with all apps)

Since the app has its libraries packed in lib folder that means the file is not marked as executable .

To mark it as executable ,right click it then go to Permissions tab and there you will see mark as executable .