How do I reinstall Look and Feel?

Help! How can I reinstate Look and Feel which I accidentally removed? Mate 16.04

Hi there :slight_smile:

Try to run mate-appearance-properties from terminal before :

mate-appearance-properties %F

This is a applet from a other package :

If mate-control-center is installed, this should still be there.

Reinstallation is possible by

sudo apt-get install --reinstall mate-control-center

Also there is a chance that you have disabled this menu. To re-enable use Main Menu (mozo):

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When I run mate-appearance-properties %F the Apperance window pops up but can't see any way to reinstate Look and Feel?


I ran the above script but Main menu is missing?

Once you have run it, is the Apperance window looking as it have to be looking like ?

To restore Main menu use sudo apt-get install mozo.

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Yes, Appearance window looks good

Tried that but still no Main menu. This is normally under Look and Feel

Start mozo from a terminal.

That did it! Thanks a lot for your help with that

In Control Centre I now have Look and Feel back again but strangely also have two Main Menu entries

I managed to remove the second entry. Thanks to mdooley and Olek for your help with this.

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