How do I remove an incomplete snap installation of nextcloud?

Since this is primarily an experimental device I could just re-flash, but I would like to learn how to solve problems and maybe contribute a little back.

I decided to try and install the nextcloud snap. It threw a ton of errors and seemed to freeze in the middle of the process ( over an hour). I killed it and just decided to try and remove it. When I try snap remove nextcloud I get
error: cannot remove "nextcloud": snap "nextcloud" has changes in progress
I don’t remember the errors, though if someone wants to tell me how to find relevant data I would be glad to track it down. What I would primarily like to do is properly remove the snap and recover the space from the partition it created.

Have no experience with this whatsoever, but reading the man I'd try this first:

snap abort nextcloud

Thanks for the idea, result…
error: cannot find change with id "nextcloud"
I should also note that
snap list
doesn’t show it as being installed even thought the interfaces command shows it connected to the network stuff.

This one was answered at AskUbuntu

The abort command seems to have done it in the end, but it involved finding the specific snap process and aborting it (I think).

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