How do you install Ubuntu-Mate on a Raspberry Pi 4B?

This has probably been asked tons of times before, but I don't find it...

How to install Ubuntu-Mate 20.04.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4B?

You can download the .img.xz file here for the Raspberry Pi 4:

Now, there are a number of ways you can do this. You can use dd to write the UNCOMPRESSED file (ends in .img, not .img.xz) to the SD card.

Another option is Balena Etcher (MacOS or Windows), and you can flash the MicroSD card from the file.

If you have another SD card lying around and have Raspberry Pi OS installed, you can use Raspberry Pi Imager. Install it with sudo apt install rpi-imager. Then you can use that to flash the file.

Hope this helps!

I can recommend the use of Etcher from Windows. Just get your image from the address suggested by @BioHazard and write it to the SD card with Etcher.

Same way as here if you want to boot from an SD-card:

20.04.1 doesn't support USB booting. If you want to run it from a SSD with a SATA to USB adapter then 20.10 is your only option.


If 20.04.1 does not boot from USB, how do you get it to run?

ok, well, I can find the site, but that's as far as I get.

There are options for an Installer version, and for a Portable version.

What do those mean?


I kinda don't get it why the file I downloaded has '(1).torrent' as a suffix.

I would think that this would decompress it otherwise?

$ xz -d ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-arm64+raspi.img.xz (1).torrent

I don't because i use 20.10 in the Pi 4 running from a SSD. But if i want to run 20.04.1 it's from a SD-card as explained how to flash a SD-card in the link i gave.

so, Mate can run from an SD card, but boots up initially on a different SD card? That is what I don't understand.

From a Raspbian bootup, you can connect a separate SD and run Mate? or do you pull out the SD card with Raspbian on it and put in a different SD card with Mate on it in the slot? I don't get it...

No and it's not hard to understand. I have Ubuntu MATE running on a Pi 4 with a SSD (Solid State Drive) using a SATA to USB adapter.

If a want to run 20.04.1 i have to use a SD card and thus unplug the SSD first, then slide in the SD-Card and boot 20.04.1 from there.

SSD and SD-cards are two different things.....

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If a want to run 20.04.1 i have to use a SD card and thus unplug the SSD first, then slide in the SD-Card and boot 20.04.1 from there.

So, you are saying that you have a bootable Mate 20.04.01 on a micro SD card, and you initially boot your Raspberry Pi 4B from that micro SD card?

Is it so hard to understand? I thought i explained it clear enough. :slight_smile: Back to you initial question on how to get Ubuntu MATE on a Pi 4:

Do you have it up and running yet?

Is it so hard to understand? I thought i explained it clear enough. :slight_smile: Back to you initial question on how to get Ubuntu MATE on a Pi 4:

I've downloaded rpi-imager using several methods. But rpi-imager is just hosed - it totally hangs up my Raspbian computer and I have to reboot.

These are some of my notes from failed rpi-imager atttempts:

[You need to install the Rasberry Pi Imager:

$ sudo snap install rpi-imager ; nope - it's 'sudo apt'..

Synaptic Package Manager says, snap "rpi-imager" is not available on stable for this architecture (i386) but exists on other architectures (amd64, arm64).

and furthermore:

From the command line on the Raspberry Pi, I issued the command:

$ sudo apt install rpi-imager

But, as I said, the rpi-imager does not work. It just hangs the computer.

On the Raspberry Pi, using the Menu method, I also downloaded the Raspberry Pi imaging utility like so:

Menu --> Preferences --> Add / Remove Software --> rpi-imager-1.5

Nothing that I downloaded would work. rpi-imager just crashes.]

Do you have it up and running yet?

I am running Mate 18.04 32bit on the drive of an old Lenovo laptop w/ 2gb RAM. I previously had a 64bit Mate running on another laptop that crashed w IO errors. So instead of buying another laptop or desktop I got a Raspberry Pi with Raspian in hopes of installing Mate. So I am running Raspbian on a Pi from a pre-installed microSD card, and I am trying to get Mate running on the Pi. I actually got two microSD cards - one without NOOBS and later one with NOOBS, thinking that there might be some useful difference.

I've Googled, and tried various methods to get Mate on a microSD card that would be bootable on the Raspberry Pi. But experienced some snag along the way in every attempt.

I've just flashed a number of microSD cards with Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate and other distributions for my RPi4. I've pretty much settled on the Ubuntu-Mate 20.10 64-bit version.
It's really pretty simple...don't make it any more complicated than necessary. From what you described...I would do the following:

  1. On your Lenova laptop, install the Etcher software product.
  2. Download the Ubuntu-Mate image file of choice from here:
  3. Launch Etcher and select the image file, the SD card, and tell it to Flash the card. (assumption here is that your laptop has a SD card reader, or you have an external reader)
  4. Insert the microSD card into the RPi4 and power up.

That's it!


It's a bit confusing. Earlier you said

and then you said

So if you don't have an SSD, you can just boot from SD?

My SSD contains Ubuntu 20.10.
So if i want to run 20.04.1 i have to unplug my SSD drive and stick in the SD-card with 20.04.1 and then boot the Pi 4 from that.

If you guys want to boot from a SSD via USB then use 20.10.
20.10 supports booting from USB, 20.04.1 does not support it. 20.04.1 will only boot from a SD-card

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