How does one UNinstall 'samba'

I need to try to remove/uninstall a partially installed Samba, and learning now how to remove/uninstall Samba will help me to do it later when/if it or any fails to install again.

Can I install it again? Tried that. NO. It says it's already there, but it won't run because it never finished the install.

WHY? Because it failed to install. WHY? I've no idea.

Have you issued the following command in a terminal?

sudo apt-get purge samba

If not, do so, reboot and then try and install Samba again.

If that doesn't work, come back on here and let me know and we will take it from there.

ANSWER: No. I did not try that because I had no idea how to uninstall programs. Now I know. Searching the 'net gave me some results that are older than Noah! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ stevecook172001 for your quick response. Samba installed this time without hanging. YEA!!!!! I saved the Terminal commands into text file I'm building of Terminal commands.


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