How good is 2 GB ram?

I'm planning to buy a laptop soon, but due to life issues i think i might end up with a 2 GB ram at the end, i heard things about Ubuntu being a bit big in memory usage so i decided i would use Ubuntu MATE but how good will it run in a 2 GB environment? And i really really want the 64 Bit version. Obviously how good also depends on what I'll do so here it is: i just want to run Discord (chat app) and some editor and a bit of browsing the web on the way, I'm not asking to run all of this at the same time but at most Discord might be running together. So how good do you think this will run? Will it be worth it? I don't need to play heavy games but might play some small titles here and there but nothing too serious.


While Ubuntu MATE will run on 2GB, IMO it will not be an enjoyable experience.

I understand budget issues but I would recommend getting something with atleast 4GB of RAM and something that has an upgrade path so you can add additional RAM when you have the resources.

Good luck on your purchase and your journey with Ubuntu MATE.


Agreed. My desktop runs on 8 gigs of RAM, and I plan to double that in the near future. With an SSD, I don't believe that you'll be disappointed. I'm no geek, but from my experience as a current MATE user, the performance is beautiful. Much success to you.