How I Got Wanda the Fish to Tell Me A Fortune


I had Wanda the Fortune Telling Fish Installed on my MATE Panel with Ubuntu 18.04. I find things like this to be a nice-to-have distraction. They can help you free your mind for a few moments. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had been trying to find out how to work Wanda for a long time. I would get an error message each time I double clicked on her as she was swimming on my panel. My desire to get here to work was fueled, even more, when on April Fools Day she was keeled over like she was dead. When I clicked on her there was a message saying something like, “It’s April 1st” alluding to April Fools Day.

I searched and searched and could not find anything to help me to get her to tell me a fortune. There was always an error message after April 1st and she was no longer keeled over, but was back to swimming. I began looking today and found some information about a fortune telling cow program named “cowsay”. When you use your terminal your welcome message is a quote, but you must install the “fortune” program which is the source of the fortunes that are quoted. I found that information on this page:

I typed “fortune” into a terminal and got this message after the terminal prompt:

Command 'fortune' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install fortune-mod

I copied and pasted into a terminal at the prompt: sudo apt install fortune-mod

The fortune program was installed.

So now when I type “fortune” into the terminal I get a quoted message in the terminal window. When I double click Wanda on the desktop panel now I get a dialog with a fortune in it. So all that was required for Wanda to work, was the installation of the fortune program. Here’s one of the quotes I got, which was directly applicable to my current situation.

“Wanda the Fish Says”
“Your temporary financial embarrassment will be relieved in a surprising manner.”

I could install cowsay as well. If I did, each time I open a terminal window I will see some animal with a quote in the window. This page, which I bookmarked for myself, shows how to install the cowsay program (which uses the same fortune quotes) It also tells you how to install fortune from within the terminal, but uses a different command than above.