How is Mutiny Doing?


Just wanted to know how polished Mutiny is, now that 16.04 is official.
Are most programs showing their menus in the top panel (unity style) ? Is the launcher configurable (transparency, rearranging icons) ?


I just tried it (sorry for Cairo-Dock peeking out of the top) and I'm assuming it uses whatever panel background the theme you're using uses.

Which is fine if you're one of those flat freaks :wink: (j/k), but looks weird if your theme uses 3-D ish panel backgrounds. :smiley:

I think you have to add the TopMenu Panel Applet to get the menus in the top panel, but I could be wrong. :wink:


Well, I decided to take the plunge and give 16.04 a go.
Install was painless and after some tweaking here's the result


The problem for me is that TopMenu bar (ou global menu) does not work with LibreOffice!

It doesn't work with several apps (and integrates poorly with the panel anyway, it needs work).
So I just put the panel at the bottom and use Mutiny as a Launcher, which it does very well.

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I believe Qt applications are not supposed.

There is a extension that make woks for Qt, but still Libre dosent works…

I love Mutiny, my favorite Linux desktop experience along with Unity, but it doesn't survive a reboot :frowning_face:

As soon as I logout or reboot, upon the next login there are duplicated icons and the HUD doesn't respond to the Super key properly: