How show notification applet?

I’d like to have the notification applet. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!

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a good question, but unfortunately I don’t know as well! I tested the other ones like Minimizetotray and so on, but nothing worked for me acceptable. And sice I use Plank Dock, I don’t missing a notification applet…

If you install firetray addon in thunderbird, it will give you a minimized system tray icon for your mail, much like the old gnome one

Thanks @stevecook172001 :slight_smile: But I’m more interesting in a ‘global’ notification, like pidgin + Thunberbird +…


try installing “mate indicator applet”:

sudo apt-get install mate-indicator-applet

I don’t know how good it is or if it works!. :smiley:

@wolfman good point! But it’s already installed:
mate-indicator-applet is already the newest version.
And I haven’t that applet :stuck_out_tongue:

Right click the top panel > Add to panel > Search > Type "indicator" and 3 will show up!:

@wolfman Yes, I have those indicators, but the 1st and 3th are the same (sound, battery…) and the 2nd just put always “No indicators”.
No one has the “Message” indicator :wink:

A suggestion for this desire: