How to assign Alt+RightClick for window resizing


I am not sure when this changed, but I used to be able to resize windows using Alt+RightClick+Drag - it is no longer the case though.

I have looked at “keyboard shortcuts” and “resize window” is now set to “Alt+F8”. When I click it to assign a new keyboard shortcut, it completely ignores my mouse clicks (I have tried all buttons, but none of them are picked up).

I have even tried using “dconf-editor” and setting the value to “”, but that seems to be ignored.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I tried setting the value manually to “” again and then log out and log in again. Now it works. It then suddenly stopped working, but that seems to have been because I managed to trigger the “HUD”-feature.

The “keyboard shortcuts” application now reports the “resize window” shortcut as being disabled - even though it works with my mouse.


Im sorry it stopped working. I never knew I could do this, thanks!

I am running the newest virsion of ubuntu mate 18.04 and I do not think this was likely to have been caused by an update so did you do any commands that effected the shortcuts or get any software.