How to blur terminal background with MATE Terminal or another terminal emulator?

Is it possible to do this with MATE's Marco or another terminal?

When I was looking int Alacritty, I was trying to find a way to enable Blur from there, but the workarounds mentioned in the issue involve KWin or Compton.

No. It would require adding blur algorhytm to the compositor's code.
I'm not sure how Marco works, from a quick look I think shaded_back_pixmap is what is drawn on the window when it's transparent.

When you write an application that is suppose to get the screenshot of a rectangle on a screen blur it and copy it to the cairo xlib surface, it works.

But when you need to refresh the image you run into a Schrödinger's cat
The window has to be closed to make another scrot.
I don't know of a way to scrot an area (plane) behind the window with Xlib.
We need a better hacker for this. :smiley: