How to change screen gamma using xgamma

I have Ubuntu Mate 16.04 installed on a sub $400 laptop that has a very dull and washed out display. To make the display look better I adjusted the gamma with the xgamma command.

To see what xgamma can do, open a terminal and run xgamma --help

Which will return:

usage:  xgamma [-options]

where the available options are:
    -display host:dpy       or -d
    -quiet                  or -q
    -screen                 or -s
    -version                or -v
    -gamma f.f              Gamma Value
    -rgamma f.f             Red Gamma Value
    -ggamma f.f             Green Gamma Value
    -bgamma f.f             Blue Gamma Value

If no gamma is specified, returns the current setting

As you can see from the availible options, -rgamma adjust the red gamma, -ggamma adjust the green gamma, -bgamma adjust the blue gamma, and -gamma adjust all three at once. The f.f is to be replace with a numeric value.

To improve the look of the display, I ran xgamma -gamma 1.00 in the terminal and continued to change the numeric value until it acheived the desired results. I'm currently using xgamma -gamma 0.80

From there I added this command to Startup Application Preferences.

So now every time I login, the gamma is adjusted and the display looks much better.