How to change the fonts Discourse uses?

Discourse uses a smaller font for entering posts as i’m doing now than it does for displaying text in already-posted posts. What’s the proper way for me to adjust that? (No wisecracks about reading glasses! :slight_smile: )

Well, on your side, you could zoom in your browser while viewing this particular site?

Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -

Otherwise, there might be browser plug-ins that can change what fonts are used on different sites.


Great suggestion! I use this zoom feature on so many websites. In the past, it was horrible because websites where not responsively designed and thus always broke when I zoomed in.

Nowadays, this is not happening anymore. :slight_smile:

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Yes, i know about the zoom feature but usually i forget it exists… i just thought that with Discourse tracking all the stuff it tracks (which is pretty nice) it might be saving preferences related to display that i didn’t know about… mostly chafing under the harness of age and not liking to have to remember my glasses, apologies for posting static. :sunglasses: