How to change the Scaling to suitable size on Pocket 2?

I installed ubuntu mate on my m3-8100y pocket 2. it's works. but the screen is 1920 * 1200. the font and window is to tiny.
Then. use google i changed to HiDPI. but it's changed toooo big.


so, how to change scaling to suitable size?

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Have you tried changing the screen resolution? That would give you a little more fine control than the HiDPI setting.

Hi, thanks your reply.

I has tried changing it. but have not one option (resolution) perfect match Pocket 2 screen.
In the Display setting. the Pocket 2 screen resolution is 1200 * 1920. other option is 1154 * 7?xx or like this.
that's reverse right and left.

I've never used a Pocket 2 so I'm not sure if there is another adjustment you can make but I have one last suggestion. It won't do anything for the size of icons and graphics but you can adjust the font sizes to make it a little more comfortable.

Control Center > Appearance > Fonts tab
Make the fonts bigger or smaller to suit.

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Exactly, I changed font's DPI from 96 to 120. it's comfortable much.

but. the button or something. still tiny.

i still think. why not provide a normal and HiDPI middle option. or how to manual control DPI value. if do not use GUI.

In the Ubuntu. Display setting have a option. call "fractional scaling". can scale from 100% (scaling by 1) to 200% (scaling by 2) or more with an increment of 25% (by 0.25) in between

and an article introduces a name call Dconf-Editor tool and some command for terminal like:
For X11:
$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaleing']"
For Wayland Display Server:
$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer'] "

but it's for gnome. i don’t know it‘s work or not on the mate desktop.

maybe it's close. let me check the mate desktop method.

Enable Fractional Scaling on Ubuntu (

In Ubuntu, the graphical backend is 'Mutter' which supports HiDPI fractional scaling.
In Ubuntu-MATE, the graphical backend is 'Marco' which does not support fractional scaling.
But you could use a theme with big buttons and big borders:

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