How to change which terminal CTRL+ALT+T opens

Hi! I want to change the CTRL+ALT+T shortcut so that it opens Tilix instead of the default MATE terminal. So far I have tried adding a custom keyboard shortcut for it, and changing org.mate.applications-terminal exec to ‘tilix’ instead of ‘mate-terminal’, but neither have worked. Any help on this is much appreciated!

Hi @steelstring94, What Ubuntu-MATE version? Did you disable the existing keyboard shortcut before adding the custom one? Are you running compiz?

EDIT: Just tried it in a 17.04 VM and it works both ways (separate shortcut or set as default terminal). I installed by PPA.

  1. I am on Ubuntu 17.04.

  2. In my list of keyboard shortcuts in the control center, none is listed for CTRL+ALT+T, it just works somehow.

  3. Yes, I am using Compiz. :slight_smile:

Compiz is the key, no pun intended. It takes over some staple keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+T.

Install the compizconfig-settings-manager (many call it CCSM) if you haven't. The setting is under MATE Compatibility, Commands Tab.

It's also the place to setup screenshots. :slight_smile:


Haha, glorious! It works! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Reviving a dead topic, the advice of @Bill_MI, while well-intentioned is poor.

The proper way to do this is to define what x-terminal-emulator opens, and you can do this with update-alternatives by means of this command;
sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

Once x-terminal-emulator is modified, you can then use it for everything and if you want to change terms in the future, you only need to run that command. All update-alternatives does is provide symbolic links so this is sort of something you can do on your own with ln but there is some stat-tracking on which does what as the terminal isn’t the only thing it modifies, it can also manipulate other things, one of which I know from off top being the mouse cursor. If you configure GTK to use x-cursor-theme you can use update-alternatives to change your cursor theme globally which eases the headache of mismatched cursor themes between applications while using Compiz.

Edit: All of this asumes you will change your preferred settings to use applications defined by update-alternatives, I believe in keyboard shortcuts for marco you can make a custom one which opens whatever termnal you want once you disable the initial shortcut that just says “Open a terminal” though I thought before that was bound to x-terminal-emulator and mate-terminal is defined as preferred emulator…

Tried the above and it did not work for me. The update-alternatives already showed that terminator was the default but ctrl-alt-t still did not work. What worked for me was to do this at the command line:

gsettings set org.mate.applications-terminal exec 'terminator'

Note that you do not need to use sudo.
Hope it works for you as well.

System: Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on MacBook3,1