How to completely remove snap

How to slove the problem that it stuck when I typed and run sudo snap remove snap?

snap make my raspberry pi slow, and start-up slow. And it was hard to uninstall...

I don't use snap in my raspberrypi. so uninstall it is good choose.

Thanks for this fellows.

My SHOCK when I saw the difference in system reource usage, before and after complete removal of this abomination on main Ubuntu! Holy heaven! There is a LOT if fixing for them to do about this Snap.

Before: RAM used 2,3 GB and 4-5 GB cached, SWAP active on 2%, CPU regular spikes
After: CPU and fans down to ground zero, RAM usage: 1,1 GB, with merely 620 MB in cache, no SWAP activity.

And they call this great solution? To what?


Thank you!!! Worked like a champ. I was getting frustrated! Snap kept making mounts after I did a apt-get remove snap!!!

I don't know if this is criticism but any package that I install on my VM and then I can't simply remove is a huge red flag to me. I removed snap and it kept mounting on my VM I am with @Med_Medin on this. I distrust Snap products simply because my VM performance was impaired and then I had to find someone to rip it out of my VM. Thank goodness for @franksmcb


I put off letting this install somehow it snuck in. Thank whoever for this tumour removal thread. I could not be happier as my monitoring scripts started pushing erroneous data due to the loop mounts... finding this thread on snap loop mounts initial thought was my system is compromised.. I know us old timers can be resistant to change and some say it is a good thing to change... having been on Unix desktops since 1990 some things just work. Sometimes new is not better it is just less secure, poorly built, and bloated.
This is one of those pick three scenarios.
Having read what it is supposed to do it looks nifty, but not nifty enough to make me tolerate piles of loop mounts which affect maintenance scripts or rewriting my code to support a new feature which I do not use.

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You can enter this command to use dd to erase the extra disks created by Snap:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/loop