Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish πŸ¦‘) Release Notes

It's great to see the MATE edition going strong! You guys totally saved me by forking GNOME 2 and creating MATE and it's been my daily driver for many years now, which I why I decided to sponsor the project as well :+1::grinning:

I notice from the screenshot showing the GNOME maps and clocks etc, that we're still stuck with their CSD madness with hamburger menus embedded in the title bar and lack of integration with the rest of the window manager theme :pensive: Is there any further news on convincing them to make that layout an option rather than a doctrine? I really want my classic menus and title bars back :roll_eyes:

Hopefully I'll be upgrading to this release in the next week or so :crossed_fingers:

Anyone got global application menu working?

thats great!

I uses ubuntu mate on termux ,with tmoe-linux and termux:x11,and it worked smoothly .

Hello Wimpy

I am helping someone to move from OS X to Linux, specifically Ubuntu-Mate. I have just installed 22.04 on a Thinkpad T440; the "target" machine is a similar model. The T440 has a 14 inch screen. For the first time ever I set up using "Cupertino", as a trial.
I de-installed LibreOffice - and then installed it as a Flatpak (to keep up with the new releases more easily). The "Flatpak-LibreOffice" was completey integrated, showing up in the software search, the windows also worked as windows should in Cupertino, and it could be pinned to the dock.
The whole Cupertino way-of-doing-things (marketing English = experience) makes a lot of sense on a 14 inch screen. In 22.04 it does seem to be very mature.

All of that is to say, thank you. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I do not know who came up with the idea or who did the work to make the idea happen, but my thanks goes to them as well. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I currently use 20.04 on my dev workstation and I'm planning at some point to switch to 22.04. However, I really hate snap and livepatch, so I would like to ask you if it is possible to remove these two without messing up the entire system?

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If you go as far as i did on 21.10 maybe not:

Here you find some information:

This approach seems to be reasonably safe:

As long as you only remove the snapd daemon it should be safe. If you see that you have to deinstall cups or pulseaudio you are going to far.

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Looks like I'm done with Canonical after 20.04. Snap gives me the same Microsoft stink I left 14 years ago.

Hello RestlessDevil

In my opinion - snaps are primarily for IOT and servers. Flatpaks are only for the desktop. At the end of the day it will be the developers who decide. If developers package their software as flatpaks, and not as snaps, Canonical would have to re-package desktop software as snaps themselves. I am not sure they would choose to do that. Perhaps my perception of the situation is wrong. Time will tell. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wimpy has built the basis for flatpak support into 22.04. I suppose the Ubuntu-flavours have more freedom of choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not hate the concept and I think about installing Flatpak on my Debian machine.
I do hate the lack of open-source server and becoming dependent on Canonical.

Has anyone successfully upgraded from 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS? I chose the LTS release for my server as I've had issues in the past (I'm looking at YOU, MX Linux...) upgrading. Since I'm good until 2025, I wonder if I can upgrade safely and quickly, or should I hold off and continue using what has now become a very solid release for me?

At a minimum I would hold off until 22.04.1 is released. Most bugs will have been addressed.

If you value stability and have no need to update then I would wait until 22.04.3 .

I didn't update 18.04 until late last year.

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I agree 100%. Hold off until 22.04.1 is release. Many if not all of the problems will be sorted out by then. On my main daily use laptop, I have not upgraded and will wait until 22.04.1. Only on my testing machine have I upgrade.

It's a pity, today I tried Mutiny on 22.04 and I didn't like it, you can't add elements to the left panel, it really looks like a copy of Pantheon or Cupertino, I tried to make my own Mutiny with the Netbook layout, but it has been removed. I try to create it with another layout but the icons of the apps, windows or documents are too small.
I don't know which layout to choose...

"22.04 Stable" with a lot of basic issues, but this is normal for early "stable" Ubuntu releases :wink:

Apart from a lot of shortcomings of the new MATE, I will focus on one thing that irritates me a lot - mate-maximus, or rather lack of this element.

I've used it in my Pantheon modified MATE environment to integrate maximized windows (undecorate them) into panel (used along with Global Application Menu) - Like on below screenshot:

Now it's gone and I was forced to make above effect using Compiz Window Decoration (!state=maxhorz) instead of disabled "Undecorate maximized windows" setting in MATE Tweak:

Are there plans to bring mate-maximus back, as Compiz solution is not working that great (new window opening in the same application cause no buttons on panel effect, it last until manually window change by alt-tab or mouse click)?

Hi @michuzet,
mate-maximus is a part of mate-netbook package. Just install back this package.

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Hi @Josele13,
new Mutiny is using plank dock, old Mutiny was simply using a panel with mate-dock-applet. What's exactly wrong with a new dock? It does support adding new application launchers.

Hi @ironfoot,
I haven't checked enough, I admit - Thanks!

As it turned out the issue I've mentioned about is related directly to window-buttons-applet.

This applet is a separate thing. Install mate-window-buttons-applet -- and it'll appear in the applet list. I believe you have to add it to your panel manually now.

hola buenos dias!! martin me ayudarias como instalar la actualizacion via terminal gracias!!!

I agree that it's better to wait a while before switching to the next LTS release. But the .3 build seems very late to me. And my impression is that UM 20.04 had its best time around .1 or .2. Later I noticed more and more hick-ups and regressions, for example in the menu, panel, caja, network printer connection and samba client. A quite frustrating experience :worried: