How to create launchers in the folders

launchers can be created on the Desktop and and then moved to a folder,
or create this small script in the /home/user/.config/caja/scripts folder (Ctrl H to show hidden folders )

mate-desktop-item-edit ./ --create-new

and call it “Create launcher in this folder” and give the execution permissions.

In this way, from the context menu you can choose Script -> Create launcher in this folder.
Tested on UM 14.04 and 16.04


I saved your script as "". The first time I used it, I created a launcher in the desktop directory that was all html and quite lengthy but it worked when I used "Location" and entered a URL for the command. Not really editable though.

The next time I stuck with Application, gave it a short descriptive name (Create launcher), and for Command, I put "firefox How to create launchers in the folders" (no quotes), and for comment I remarked about my trials. The result -

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Name[en_US]=Create launcher
Comment[en_US]=this time it is an application
Name=Create launcher
Comment=this time it is an application

which I can open with Pluma (the text editor) and easily edit it if I want to. And of course, it works. Thanks Mary.

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By the way, to make a link to a document or folder, you can do both the link (the one made with right-click Make Link), and the launcher (choose location)

I prefer launchers, but unlike the links,
launchers have the defect that they don’t come with the arrow emblem.
To distinguish them from their original files, it would be convenient to have an emblem on launchers as well, and I realized that there is not any link icon among the default emblems.

You need to open Caja-> edit-> backgrounds and emblems
Click Add New emblem and click the link icon in / usr / share / icons / gnome / 256x256 / emblems.


After that, on the Side panel, click on the little black arrow and drag the emblem to the file or folder you want to mark (to remove it you can use the rubber or drag once again and switch it off).