How to default to "Print to file . . . "

Not printing anymore to paper I sent to recycle my printers, and now I have the default, generic PDF printer as default. But I's like that when I do a Cntl-P to print from an application it would not default to the PDF printer but be on the "Print to file . . ." option. Searched and searched and can't find a solution. That doesn't mean it's not already out there, but there are so many Q&As and so many ways to put a question that . . . not found.

Thanks for any help.


This is a little tough for me to understand. (I fully understand that you likely cannot write English perfectly since you appear to be Québécois, and I fully respect that. No hard feelings; please do not take offense.)

On the one hand, your post's title appears to indicate that you want to set the "Print to file" option as the default print option. But on the other hand, your post body would indicate that you instead want the PDF Printer to be the default.

Lacking any other information, I'll assume you want to set the PDF printer as the default.

If you use the now-default Brisk menu with MATE, then open up the menu, search for "Print", and choose the application which says roughly "Printer Configuration" or "Printing". If you use the traditional menu, go to System -> Administration -> Print Settings.

In the window that pops up, select the "PDF Printer", right-click it, and in the menu that pops up, click "Set As Default".

You can close the Print Settings now.

Hopefully that should set the PDF Printer as the default printer. If it does not, show us a screengrab of a "Print" dialog which exhibits this behaviour, and preferably also mention what application's print dialog is pictured. By seeing the symptoms, hopefully we can work this problem out.