How to disable right click option mate desktop?

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I just posted here for second time to disable right click in Mate desktop. I can able to disable mouse Right-click with the help of mate-tweak to unselect show desktop icons.

But in this case, When I unselect "Show Desktop Icons" then My desktop icon disappeared and Mouse Right Click option is also not working.

However, I would like to disable Mouse Right-click option in Mate desktop. I need this custom desktop icon (It should be visible). How can I configure that Desktop icon should be visible and Mouse Right-click option should not visible? Any help would be appreciated.

Your question is a bit outside the scope of MATE-desktop.
MATE-desktop can not do what you asked for !.
You will have to modify this on the displayserver-level or application-level.
Therefore you might want to ask this on the general ubuntu forum or on ask ubuntu since this question is more focused on the underlying system.

Nevertheless, get yourself familiar with xmodmap and xinput and google a bit around with these keywords to find several ways to accomplish exactly what you asked for.

Try this:

That is all I can give you at the moment.

Get more help here

And please, don't hijack other threads if you don't get immediate attention. Your message has been read already by at least 19 people which probably either don't know the answer or are already searching for an answer for you in the Xorg displayserver documentation.

Your other mail already had 89 views but no reply which means: no one knows the answer

To enhance your chances on a reply, you might explain a bit why you want to disable the right-mousebutton. A lot of people use AWS-cloud, but nobody else seems to have the need to disable the right-mousebutton. There is always a possibility that you are trying to apply the wrong solution for a well known problem. :slight_smile:

Again: What you literally asked for can not be done in MATE-desktop


Hi @tkn, Many Thanks for your response. I already tried with below link, l

However, Whenever I applied xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 2 99" , its disabling right-click system widely.
I don't believe that disabling right-click on desktop. But I believe, that we can able to remove right-click menus like. Is possible?

Possible ?
Practically: No, not as such, unless you recompile 'Caja'.

There is no config where this can be changed. Most of it is hardcoded in 'Caja'.
If you are comfortable with hacking the sourcecode it could be done.

The MATE site is here
The sourcecode of 'Caja' is here
Bugreporting regarding the sourcecode is done here

I can't assist you with recompilation but I guess that you will find out how to do it. :slight_smile:
(or pay someone to do it for you)

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@tkn ,Once again thanks for guiding me. I will take a look at the source code. Shall I ask help or create case in MATE github?

You could do that.
It is, for sourcecode matters, indeed the best place to ask for help anyway.

okay @tkn . I will create a case with my queries. If I got any updates then I will post here too.

gsettings set org.mate.Marco.general action-right-click-titlebar 'none'

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