How to disable Synapse animations?

hmmm, I just noticed Synapse isn’t the only application with animations left. Others like Galculator still display animations, for example when you hover with the cursor over the numbers.
This may not be a Synapse issue but a Mate issue

Great discovery today! I just found how to disable almost all animations in dconf-editor:

org>mate>desktop>interface>enable animations
org>mate>panel>general>enable animations
org>gnome>desktop>interface>enable animations
Apparently at some point it was intended for Mate tweak > Windows > Performance section > Enable animations to control these three settings, but it only seems to control the first one so I had to manually change the other two.
Some stuff like Plank, panel hiding/showing and Synapse itself aren’t affected and still display animations, but for the most part everything is snappy now, quite satisfying.

Those who said they couldn’t see any animations should try checking these settings. Then have a look at menus, apps and dialogs. Some examples include the panel network menu, galculator and lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings Panel tab. See the difference now? See you

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If you think there’s a problem with the implementation maybe you can re-open the issue on bitbucket so @Wimpy can take a look at it?

I’m not sure why the issue was closed. He put “Fixed animations” below. I don’t know if that means he fixed some problem with the animations and hence eliminated the need for a setting to disable them or if “fixed” means that animations are not to be changed/disabled. I hope the latter is not the case

@Staynluss Please raise an issue over at BitBucket about this and reference your post here. I’ll take a look and get it fixed :slight_smile: