How to disable this effect?


I don't know what is the proper name for it, but there is some annoying graphic effect when you try to scroll with the mouse wheel past the bottom or top of window. In that case, the top or bottom part of the window is faded with a gradient for about half a second. This not only looks bad, but also during this time you cannot immediately scroll back in the opposite direction - there is no response to the movement of the wheel.
I cannot find any setting responsible for this behaviour. How to turn this off completely?


It's called overshoot, and it's part of the GTK 3 theme. You could modify the theme to remove it, or create a new one without it, but there's also an easy way to override it. Create the file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and add this css:,
overshoot.left {
  background: none;

(I also add,

to remove the dotted lines that show that there is more to scroll.)


And since it is 2019, I should note that this isn't picked up by Snap or Flatpak apps, but it seems to work to add the file to each app's sandboxed .config directory. So for the Quadrapassel snap, you need to copy it to ~/snap/quadrapassel/current/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css. A symlink doesn't work since then the app is trying to access your real ~/.config, which is blocked by the sandbox.


Thank you!!! As I had to create my own theme anyway, as I mentioned here, I will just modify it to remove "overshoot". Now I know what to look for :slight_smile: