How to easily remove duplicate photos?



Hello All, Ubuntu Mate16.04.

While looking around this morning I noticed in my Home folder that I had a lot of duplicate photos (copy). Why…I don’t know. I then went to my external HD and in some folders that contain photos there are also duplicates.

In Ubuntu 12.04 there was Janitor, a clean up utility. I can’t find one in 16.04.

I need an easy to use dupe finder and remover. I’m old and dumb so be gentle…





using caja, the File Manager, you could list the photos in list view, sort them by name …
same name, same filesize would probably be a dup.


Hi fixit7, Well I guess I will just have to go through the folders and delete them one at a time. The article makes sense.



Hi pavlos, I think I am going to take fixit7’s advice.

Thank You for your input.


I found something.


sudo apt install fdupes

fdupes -r /home/andy/ > list.txt

I tested it by placing another duplicate with a different file name and it found it.
And it’s fast if you are looking from home on down.

Then you will know where the dupes are and you can delete them.


OK fixit7, I’ll give it a try.

Thank You


How about Fslint ? Anyone here having experience with it ?

Or what about DupeGuru ? Anyone here having experience with it ?

Thanks, it’d be good to know



I use dupeguru on my Mac, but there is a Linux version.
It does an excellent job of finding duplicates, with different criteria.

These can be deleted, or more usefully hardlinked (although the menu to do this is somewhat obscure)


Thanks, mighty fine program.


Best do NOT remove immediately, rather use fdupes to first see which and where your duplicates are.

fdupes /home/andy/

It takes long to find replacements than it does to REMOVE/DELETE things :wink: