How to fix Adwaita theme

If you needed to install gnome-themes-standard for use of Mint-Y without errors, for example. then you’ll notice you’ll also receive a new theme called Adwaita, that complains about window manager theme “Adwaita” missing.

Using the example for Adwaita mate-appearance-properties gives, I believe this is the “Proper” way to fix it, so do the following in order;

###The quick and dirty way when using it

  • Select Adwaita theme
  • Click on Customise
  • Select the Window Border tab
  • Select window border theme “TraditionalOk” and close

Previously I said to save as and delete original theme, but that doesn’t work, so keep as custom instead,

###Actually fixing it
I found that all I had to do to resolve the issue permanently was to do this;
sudo nano /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/index.theme
And change at the bottom where it says MetacityTheme to say TraditionalOk instead of Adwaita. I know why this works, I just do not know why Adwaita can’t use its own Metacity theme without issues, aside from what the kind people at said about Adwaita previously relying on Mutter.

Feel free to tell me if I am doing it wrong and edit this to resolve the problem correctly.

What you call the “quick and dirty” way is in fact the clean way, because you save a user specific configuration. Changing the files in /usr/… will get your changes overwritten on next update of the package. If you wanted a system wide change, you would have to copy the theme file to /usr/local/share/themes/ and modify it there.