How to get a “refresh” right click action?

Hello , i am newbie linux , switched from windows 7 , and i find ubuntu mate a great os for me .
every thing great ,
but i miss a refresh button like windows 7 .

i tried many times but not works for me ,
you can look at link for more information:

can you help me please ?

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Well, “refresh” is usually done with the F5 key. So, presumably, a script could be written that included this key and then placed in the .config folder. Hang on…I’ll try that out…

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thank you steve , yes i know f5 key do a refresh , but i want it in right click menu ,
do not ask why , it’s my favorite strange habit to clicked refresh :slight_smile: .

If we're talking firefox only it's already in the right click menu.

Okay, think I have a fix.

  1. Install xautomation

sudo apt-get install xautomation

  1. Open Pluma and paste the following into it:

xte "key F5"

Save as "".

  1. Right click your "" file and go to the "permissions" tab and check the "allow executing file as program" checkbox.

  1. Copy the "" file to your /home/user/.config/caja/scripts folder

Following the above, you should now be able to see this bash script in your context menu and, if it is selected, the currently active window should be refreshed


nope , i talk about right click on windows desktop or file manager

thank you steve, it,s working very good :slight_smile: :grin:
can you make it like windows ??

i'll learn more about python to resolve my problems :slight_smile: