How to get Caja back as desktop and FM

I’ve written a couple guides about changing the default file manager in Ubuntu MATE, but never had I written anything about undoing all these weird and wonderful changes should one want to go back. This is a guide I intend to append with each new desktop replacement guide I write, should I happen to do any more of them.

Since whoever’s reading this is probably doing so to rid a system of alternative software, let’s get right to it.

###Reverting the changes
Follow the steps below to undo all the changes made;

  • Replace present file manager with Caja:
    xdg-mime default caja-folder-handler.desktop inode/directory application/x-mate-saved-search application x-gnome-saved-search
  • Restore old crash handler preference:
    gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components filemanager caja
  • Almost there; Open mate-session-properties and delete any startups associated with the alternative FM presently in use.
  • Also, if it was necessary, use the scripting previously created to resolve loading / use issues of the present file manager to discover directories and files that should be removed, then close and also remove those scripts.

Sign out, then sign back in; Caja will load as desktop and be used as the file manager.

###Software removal
To reclaim disk space, it is ideal to remove the associated software. As follows;
Cinnamon desktop (Nemo)
sudo apt --purge autoremove nemo*
That should also remove anything for Nemo, though, double-checking with Synaptic (by typing nemo in search) isn’t a bad idea, since Synaptic will also allow one to permanently remove config files for a program.
XFCE desktop (Thunar + xfdesktop)
sudo apt --purge autoremove thunar xfdesktop4
Ideally that should also remove exo-utils and xfce4-panel if those were installed, else double-check and remove anything related to XFCE. If a program used on a daily basis uses anything from XFCE to assist with operation, those programs may need to be reinstalled.

That should handle all removal and restoration tasks for what I’ve previously had written about.