How to get hardware decode to work on firefox, chrome?

I bought new pc a few weeks ago, it's intel i5 12500 with 16GB ram. I only use the intel integrated graphic. I have been trying to make hardware decode work on firefox and chrome. I followed several tutorial/guide. Still hardware acceleration doesn't work while watching youtube.

Right now, I'm on ubuntu mate 22.04LTS, using both firefox 100 and google chrome Version 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit). I hope someone can help me.

Looks like nobody knows how to get hardware acceleration to work in linux. However, I want to report that I stumbled across post suggesting that hardware acceleration can be done in Firefox nightly. So I tried, and it works. Right now, I'm using FF nightly version 102.0a1 (2022-05-09).

I haven't tried chrome/chromium, but I also saw a post saying that hardware acceleration works only in chromium. I'll try sometime later.

Hope this helps someone in the same situation as me.

Type this in a terminal : sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras
You may need to sign some license agreements before continuing.

Ok, so I installed the package following you suggestion. But hardware acceleration still doesn't work on Firefox stable and chrome/edge. Do I need to do something else beside that?

I think that there is a hidden setting in both of them.
Maybe the issue may come with your pc being quite new. A patch to the 5.15 kernel will address some of the issues you are having hopefully. 12th gen started being supported at 5.13, but the support yet is not yet complete for ubuntu, linux mint, etc.

Do you know that setting needed to change? willing to try.

Yes this is true. On Ubuntu Mate 22.04, I have annoying problems with Caja, alt + tab ( windows switcher lags sometimes), and virtualbox. I then decided to install 20.04 only to find out the intel driver is not supported out of the box. So I reinstall the 22.04 again and live with the issue for now LOL

Firefox pops up a notification if hardware acceleration hasn't been set up properly.