How to get only security, kernel-upgrades, driver-updates in Ubuntu Mate?


How to get only? updates/upgrades from:

no new program features, my system is running good.

How do I set this and which files do I need to edit?

There are at least two ways to achieve your goal:

  1. Set appropriate flags in GUI menu System > Administration > Software and Updates
  2. Comment out everything except for security repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list

Checked: Important security updates
Checked: Recommended updates

For what are "Unsupported updates" ?

Ok, found it:
The following is adapted from UbuntuBackports:

What are backports?

Backports is feature that offers a way to provide newer versions of software for older Ubuntu releases. generally, there backports or "new versions of standalone applications" can be safely updated without breaking the rest of the system. Although this is the 'common' case, few points should be noted:

Backports do not come with any security support guarantee and Ubuntu Security Team does not update packages in Backports.

There may be some unwanted interactions between backported software and other software installed in your system that are overlooked while backporting.

Backported software may sometimes behave in unfamiliar ways, and may be incompatible with configuration format etc.

Is it recommended?

For the above reasons, it is recommended to configure the package manager to only install backported packages when they are explicitly requested, which is the default for all Ubuntu releases after and including. That means even though the Ubuntu Backports repository is now enabled by default, to enable users to more easily receive new versions of software, the packages from backports will not be installed by default.

So I leave it unchecked... @ Unsupported updates...