How to get the GNOME Floating Feet Screensaver restored to function?


Seriously disappointed to find that the GNOME Floating feet screensaver seems to be disabled across a number of my MATE distros . . . it's listed in the screensaver preference app, but just shows a black screen. The GNOME feet are hilariously entertaining in comparo to the seriously non-humorous Floating MATE symbol . . . . Over the years I've posted about this issue, it seems to come and go, but MATE brought it back and it's a great screensaver and one of the key reasons for me to stick with MATE . . . why show it listed, but then somehow disable it??

I'm running Groovy U-MATE at the moment, but this affliction in non-humor seems to have infected my opensuse MATE distros as well . . . why, why, why is this happening? Serious question asked with a sense of humor semi-intact. Please bring the GNOME Feet back to me, please sirs.

you might try this:

Historically, the Xscreensavers are a different breed, generally more frenetic in nature than the GNOME Floating Feet screensaver, which I guess "bubbles" the cosmic foot logo around the screen, inducing a transcendental vibration that brings a smile . . . in a way that the Xscreensavers do not.

Over the years the Xscreensaver "app" would list many options that wouldn't load, never messed with trying to get them back, might be do-able.

It would appear that there is a problem with the gnome-logo-white.svg file located at ./usr/share/pixmaps. The file does not seem to open with any image program. I have created my own and the screensaver works again.

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Thanks for the reply . . . so you are saying that the "gnomexxx.svg" file is messed up?? I was hoping to try to alter the MATE Floating Target file in Pluma to tap the gnome-logo-white.svg file instead of the mate-logo-white.svg . . . . But seems like you are saying that would be a waste of time? because the gnome logo is busted down broke???

Yes. I'm saying that the gnome svg file is broken. By contrast, look at the mate svg file. On my system, the gnome svg file was represented by a grey box whereas the mate svg file is represented by the mate logo itself. This - at least to me - indicates a problem with the gnome svg file.

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Hmm . . . I recall in my install that both are "labeled" by the names we've mentioned but the MATE logo wasn't represented, but works . . . and the GNOME Foot does not.

I'll have to check it again, and try to see if any of my numerous MATE distros have a working gnome.svg file . . . or if all of them are broken . . . . That would be a truly sad day . . . in my already sad and isolated world. : - )

Here you are -


Even though it's not an .svg, it appears to work just fine on my 20.04 system. Just make sure that your permissions are correct, -rw-r--r--.

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OK, thanks for that . . . does it show as white on the stark black background?

I'll check it, but I think I have an old version of 18.04 on DVD that might have the working white footprint file that I might be able to email to myself or drag it off the iso???

It works as you might expect - yes, white against "stark" black. Using my "icon" is easier to implement than your idea but is, of course, your call. Good luck.

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If you know somebody running an older copy of Ubuntu, request the file gnome-logo-white.svg at /usr/share/pixmaps.

I'm too tired to bother, but tomorrow if this isn't resolved with an original copy of the file I will submit that to satisfy condition of having the intended file.

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Here's a copy of the svg file I made to make the Gnome screensaver work.


Hope it helps.

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I don't see any file? I did find this online, not sure if it is exactly what you want, but it should be close.!


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Ther are other sizes on the pages too.

Thanks for sharing those images, I'll take a look . . . if it's black then that is a problem, but anyway, all of this gets me closer than I was.

OK, I do like "easy" . . . easy is good . . . but what am I going to do with it, take a screenshot and then drag n drop it into the pixmap folder, and name it the same as the "gnome-logo-white.svg" that would be indicated in the Floating Feet script????

This image is more amusing than the @mdooley image provided . . . but as I and someone else mentioned I do have U-MATE 18 burned that I might be able to get the image in white as the original file . . . .

Today is Lubuntu day, so I won't be jumping on this problem today, but thanks kindly to all of the posters, do have to say that this community is very helpful, precerate it.

It's a little odd as the file hasn't changed on the mate-screensaver repository for 7 years (Nov 2013). I bet newer versions of libraries have rendered this ageing SVG as invalid.

Even so, the file in the code repository doesn't render on GitHub either.

I created a pull request so this can be fixed a future MATE version:

(You can get the fixed up SVG here - it is a white image)


Thanks very much for the github filing . . . I added my comment there to hopefully add some "wind" to the sails on it.

And thanks for the link to a working file . . . I miss seeing those "bubbling" feets moving in and out on the screen--we must have the feets. : - )))

I did just check the link to the fixed up SVG file, but didn't seem to load anything?? possibly because it is white on white?? Or, I'm trying to see it via Lu Plasma GUI??? Anyway, no sweat on it, when I get there I'll try to pull it over from the dvd iso . . . if that fails I'll post back on it . . . .

No problem! I quite often deal with SVGs. :slightly_smiling_face:

It might look "blank" in some viewers if there's a white background (I use a dark theme on KDE). I confirm it's working in Ubuntu MATE 20.04 by replacing /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-logo-white.svg

Screenshot at 2020-05-16 17-03-49

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