How to have a different background wallpaper on each workspace?

Hello every one,

I would like to have a different background wallpaper/image for each Workspace

I came up with this old page Script to change background depending on workspace 17.10 but I don't even understand where is the code to copy/paste somewhere in the middle of many comments/explanations.

I would rather prefer something like Xfce (my kids are on MX Linux) which has an option to set all the workspaces at once or just one in the background wallpaper setting.
If not possible a simple script with hard linked path/picture.jpg for each workspace and I would be happy :wink:

I'm on Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 LTS

Thanks for reading

Welcome back @patrice ! This doesn't answer your question, I'm sorry. But I like this idea too, and have it implemented on my Macs. Because desktop images are important to my computing experience, I have chosen to use Variety, which is an automatic wallpaper changer, downloader and manager. It doesn't appear to have the ability to manage images across desktops, but there are a number of sources available to it, and I have it set to change every 30 minutes, so I'm always seeing something new.

There are a number of wallpaper managers that support mulitple monitors (SuperPaper, HydraPaper, etc.). I don't know if "desktops" and "monitors" could be interchanged, but it wouldn't hurt to do some research on them.

Thank you @OldStrummer but that's not what I'm looking for, I mean I don't want to change my wallpaper every so, I like my wallpaper, and don't want to change them, just have a different one on each workspace :wink:

Again thanks and have a great day