How to install 64-bit Brother HL-2300D driver?

I bought a Brother HL-2300D. It seems that the .deb driver from their sit will not work on a 16.04 64 bit OS.

Could someone please address the problem with trying to install the .deb package:
“hll2300dcupswrapper-3.2.0-1.i386.deb” (from the Brother site), into Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit.
The terminal commands need to be written out for easy copy and paste tutorial.

The instructions here: are a bit over my head and I don’t want to screw my OS up again. He uses the word “hackish”.

Looking thru different forums I see there are different ways to install the 64 bit correct drivers for Brother Printers. Hl-xxxx I believe that making a copy and paste “cheat sheet” will help many Brother Printer owners.

Thanks, a loyal subscriber, mt

SOLVED The above link is: How to install 64-bit Brother HL-2300D driver?

This worked for me. Just replace his model printer with your Brother model number.