How to install Anydesk in Raspberry Pi 4

I am trying to install Anydesk in ubuntu mate 64 bit 20.04 LTS running in Raspberry Pi 4 4GB model and I am new to Linux operating system. I tried downloading Anydesk for linux and Raspberry Pi from the Anydesk website but when tried installing with package installer both ended up with an error saying wrong architecture. Can anyone please guide me how to install...

I finally figured out how to install Anydesk/Team Viewer in Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu Mate. All you need to do is just add other architecture like "armhf" or "i 386" both should work, well I had download the armhf.deb file so I add the armhf cross platform to the repository and updated it, then it is standard installation process just by clicking on the downloaded file and install it.

In order to add cross platform repository open terminal and I entered
" sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf " for armhf and press enter
And for i386 type " sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 " then press enter
After this you have to update the repository by typing
"sudo apt-get update" followed by
"sudo apt-get upgrade"
Then you can easily install any packages or software you wanted to which are supported.

Correct me if I miss anything or am I doing it in the wrong way since I am new to linux

Well I was able to install Anydesk but is not opening or not working at all when I tried like as I mentioned above.... :frowning_face:
It would be nice if anyone can try running it...
The download link that I used is

If you install ubuntu-mate 64bit, I believe you need the arm64 package for anydesk. Unfortunately there are lots of software that do not support the architecture yet. You may have to use a different program for now.

Ok. Thanks for replying,
I was thinking :thinking: if I download ubuntu supported 64bit i368 package and install after adding cross platform of i368 with "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i368" for the Anydesk " "
Well I am not sure if it will work or not...

Actually why I wanted to install Anydesk is because it is simple to use and the Raspberry Pi is located 300 kilometres away in a small village from my location (Bangalore India). There my dad is using Raspberry Pi 4 4gb model running Ubuntu Mate 64bit 20.04lts as a desktop computer.
He is not much familiar with linux and I am supporting him over video call to do software installation. And all he got is a smartphone and Pi 4 at present COVID19 situation.
If anyone can suggest me any GUI based remote access application that can run on existing software it would be very helpful...
Thank you..

Hello sir,
Can you please suggest any remote access software with GUI which can run on ubuntu mate 20.04 64bit (arm64) OS running in Raspberry Pi 4

need same.. any remote access software with GUI...

Hello all,
Finally today I got a remote access GUI application called "NoMachine" working on the pi. I installed on the Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB varient) running Ubuntu Mate 20.04, 64bit OS.
Installation is very simple by clicking on the downloaded ".Deb" file and install using standard package installer. I had download NoMachine for Raspberry Pi ARM V8 64 bit version.
Link is " "
Now I need to figure out how to use the software..:smile::smile:

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hello bro..

please tell us, NoMachine application work or not?
if work, then how it is?

i figured out and working perfect 100% with GUI..

thanks shansamp...

Looks like this is answered but I'm curious...
Why wouldn't ssh plus remmina or vnc work for your needs?

Maybe because router changes might be needed?

Finally I got TeamViewer working on Pi 4 running Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1 (64bit), it works great over internet with GUI.
Actually installing TeamViewer is very easy, just by downloading and install through package manager but it requires armhf architecture and can be added with "sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf" initially also it may ask for libxtst6, which can be installed by "sudo apt-get install libxtst6:armhf".
Only thing is the TeamViewer software works as a host. I haven't yet figured out how to take remote access through Raspberry Pi.

Another great alternative is an app called "nomachine". It works as a host and client and you can even transfer files between computers. Supports arm64 and aarch64 along with many other OS.

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I installed the arm64-version of TeamViewer for Raspberry and it worked!