How to install nvidia gpu geforce driver version 304.137 in Ubuntu mate

help me
pc specs
amd sempron le -1250
gpu version nvidia geforce 6 series
version 304.137

Hi @Ananthakrishna2004 :slight_smile:

Do you see some drivers inside here :

I never got so powerful graphical card and have been using only the drivers available inside Software & Updates. If nothing there someone else will for sure help you installing the driver manually. Tell us :slight_smile:

EDIT : I found this link that contains a .run file that suppose to do all the installation :

Perhaps in this page you will find all the steps for install the driver.

I too have a Geforce 6 (the 6200 - id NV44) but the installer of the driver I have found (NVIDIA-304.125) made all the work until the end when... NOT succeed in rebuilding the kernel. :frowning_face:
I'm afraid that the driver is not compatible with the current release of Mate (20.04 Focal Fossa).
Please notify me if you succeed in installing . If not this are the instructions to uninstall the driver.