How to install tensorflow on Ubuntu Mate, Raspberry Pi3?


Cannot install it using pip.


Try downloading a matching wheel file from here and do:

pip install wheel
pip install tensorflow-1.12.0-cp27-none-linux_armv7l.whl

At least that works for Raspbian. Note a build made for Stretch with gcc 6.3 won’t necessarily work on Ubuntu MATE 16.04. If you encounter a GLIBC/GLIBCXX error you can fall back to older builds targeting Jessie, see here.


Tried this but it doesn't work on ubuntu mate, whl not supported.


Any luck with this so far? It seems like most installations found online will only work on a Raspbian.
Tensorflow confirms this in a way see here


Ran a test on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 MATE installation this morning. I got the GLIBCXX error with the Stretch package as expected. Rather than build or locate a recent Jessie package I just linked with libstdc++ from Bionic.

sudo apt install python-h5py libhdf5-dev
pip install wheel
pip install tensorflow-1.12.0-cp27-none-linux_armv7l.whl # could take 30 minutes
ar xv libstdc++6_8.2.0-1ubuntu2~18.04_armhf.deb data.tar.xz
tar xvf data.tar.xz
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf python
# import tensorflow as tf
# ...

Could you elaborate what you mean by "whl not supported"? Are you getting an error when you try to pip install wheel?


Thanks a lot, this works now!