How to install the Windows 10 theme?


I’m trying to install the Windows 10 theme on UM 15.10 64 bit, as I’ve seen it in this news article:
Windows 10 Accurate Linux Theme Released for Almost All Major Desktops

Here is the developers website:
Windows 10 theme
I think here’s the theme on GNOME-LOOK:
Windows 10 Theme v0.7.9

I’ve never installed a theme before, except for Emerald years ago, which now could not be installed last time I tried.
Anyway, I followed the instructions in the link above that got me here:
How can I install GTK themes on Ubuntu? - Askubuntu

gtk-murrine-engine and Ubuntu-tweak is installed

I extracted the “Windows 10 Dark” theme in the “.themes” folder in my home folder
I opened up Ubuntu-tweak and selected the theme on both GTK and Window theme

The result: Nothing happens, nothing is changed
Ubuntu-tweak must be the worst program I’ve seen
It has no Apply, no Save button, no error, no feedback

If I open Ubuntu-tweak as administrator the theme cannot be selected, is not in the list
Restarting the computer doesn’t help

On gnome-look website below the theme name it says “GTK 3.x Theme/Style”
I’m not sure which GTK version Ubuntu MATE 15.10 is using
Could this be the reason that it doesn’t work?
Any ideas?


did you check Control Centre > Personal > Appearance > Theme and see if it is there?. :smiley:

You can also use this terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) method from the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install windos-10-themes

Taken from here:

No, it doesn't show up there
Thanks for the link

The theme's readme file says this:

Manual installation

Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. /usr/share/themes/

I've looked in this directory and it seems that it has all the themes that come by default with UM, plus these folders:
Windos-10, Windos-10-dark, WinMe, which I think there were created by running the commands you posted

I have the theme's folder both in ~/.themes and /usr/share/themes/, but nothing works

If someone has experience installing themes, please post
Personally I think I will try to install Emerald again and then give up
Installing themes in MATE seems to suck :frowning:

I can confirm the noobs lab ppa does not install the theme fully. Elements of it can, however, be installed via the various customisability tabs.

However, Danny, you must understand that the linux world does not work like the MS world. That is to say, if Microsoft undertake a new feature, they work on it till it is more or less bombproof in terms of installation and operation. which is, of course, very nice. However, the not so nice price you pay for the above is a significant lack of cutomisabilty via Microsoft’s suffocating embrace, serious privacy issues and, finally, financial cost.

On the other hand, Linux operating systems are generally wide open and so are extremely customisable. Though, If you want stable, then only use tried and tested themes and programs and you will, consequently, get a very predictable user experience. On the other hand, if you want a bit more excitement, then install bleeding edge stuff like the brand new Windows 10 theme. But, don’t be surprised if you have to do a bit of tweaking to get things to work exactly as you want.

My experience of installing themes in UM is that they should support GTK2 and also ideally state that they are tried and tested in a Mate environment

A good place to start would be:

Further to what Steve said, did you check the ~.themes folder to make sure that you don’t have 2 entries for the Win10 theme?. :smiley:


I know and I love Linux for the freedom it gives me and for no DRM, no vendor lock-in crap
And of course, for protecting my privacy
But in terms of usability, i find i pretty bad
I don’t understand why every Linux GUI designer must change even the things where Windows got it right
It’s like “We hate Windows, let’s make it different, even if it’s worse”
So for me it’s only normal to search a GUI similar to Windows XP or Windows 7
I was thinking that the Windows 10 theme should be similar to that

MATE is somewhat close, that’s why I’m using it


Only one entry
I think it’s the one that I have manually extracted there

If you only have one entry, try deleting it and add the theme with the Noobslab repo again!. :smiley: