How to install XAMPP and execute a .run file?

Hi I’m new with Ubuntu and I need to install XAMPP on my computer. I looked for the lastest version from the official website and I’ve downloaded a .run file, but how can I open it?
I tried this commands from the terminal:
sudo chmod + x ./
sudo ./
but it doesn’t work and give me this error “Cannot execute binary file”, so what I have to do to execute a .run file? Thank for any answers.

Make sure you've downloaded the correct executable for your architecture.
The XAMPP download page has links for two architectures: 32 and 64 bits x86.

Check which you're using with the command:

uname -m

If it says x86_64 use the 64 bit installer, if it says i386 use the 32 bit installer.

That 'cannot execute' message usually appears when you try and run a 64bit exec on a 32 bit OS.

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why wont you install LAMP server instead. you can run all services natively in linux. save your self a bunch of troubles. If there is a specifics task that you can do only on XAMPP (which I doubt) then you fine to go, but if you just want to run apache, mysql, php go with the LAMP server… will work nice and smoothly.

You’re right, by mistake I have downloaded the 64 bit version and I didn’t checked the file before try to run it. Thanks for the help!