How to launch undecorated application with fixed position and size?

hi! please how to launch an application “undecorated” (i mean avoiding to see the window and scroll bars) and in a fixed position on the screen via command line?
(Probably controlled via X11 commands but i’m not sure.)

I think this is going to be a hard one.
Thing is, while some applications (like for instance, mate-terminal) have built-in options to specify the position and space they will take on the screen when you start them, this is not true of all of them.
Now, if you can bear with the window opening somewhere, then being moved automatically to some place, then you should check out the command-line tool wmctrl:

sudo apt install wmctrl

Because Marco is (according to the README on the project page) mostly compliant with the EWMH specifications, wmctrl should work correctly with it.

Now, about the scrollbars: those are not part of what's commonly referred to as the "window decorations" - you can see this for instance while watching what happens to an image when you zoom out / zoom in on it in the Eye of Mate image viewer: the scrollbars appear and disappear, but that's something implemented in the program, not in the window manager.

Can you maybe give more infos about what you're trying to accomplish?


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thanks a lot, @ouroumov :slight_smile:
you detailed answer and wmctrl solved my needs. I just forgotten this command of the first hours!
That was exactly what i was searching for!

I was in need to programmatically (read: crontabbed bash script) launch and positioning the xosview (old one but useful!) window in a specified position on the screen, always on top and “undecorated”. I’m working on it but wmctrl is the solution to do this trick.

kind regards