How to 'Make All' command work on Ubuntu Mate (Raspberry Pi)


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 which works wonderfully with Ubuntu Mate and I would like to have the Right Click Long press touch command active on my Pi Tablet. I have it working on other Pi Os's, but failed to do so for Ubuntu Mate.

I've been following the instructions here: Enable right-click for the Raspberry Pi touchscreen

After I install packages, git cloning and changing the directory into 'evdev-right-click-emulation,' whenever I try to use the command 'make all' I get an error stating 'make: *** No rule to make target 'all'. Stop' instead.

I looked around and I believe it had something to do with sdl/sdl-devel not being installed?

I'm unsure, but I believe a package is missing.

Is there anyway to get this up and running at all, cause I would really love to be able to have Ubuntu Touch on the go.

Anyway questions regarding this or advice given would be very well appreciated.


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Welcome @hi-from-mike to the community!

This link shows there is an issue with the Makefile, modify it (changes are on line 5 and 19)