How to make Opera use Qbittorrent for opening torrent magnet links instead of Transmission?

I use Opera as my daily browser now because firefox became to slow for me. I use Qbittorrent because i love it! I don’t use Transmission because i really don’t like it! The only problem i have is that Opera opens Transmission by default for magnet links. I can usually copy and paste the link into Qbittorrent but im sick of doing that. I have searched and searched the web without avail :confused:

With firefox its easy, they let you choose, what your torrent client, but as i said i had to stop using that browser after years of loyal use, and multiple reasons that i wont get into now

If you have my answer, i thank you! If not thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hi @mauimate,

I think it is: Opera > Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Programs > Add and select your chosen app and add it to the list?:

When you download a torrent, choose to save it instead of directly opening it. After downloading the torrent, right click it and choose preferred application to open it. I have a feeling your web browser does not make that decision, it is made by UM. Thereafter, it will be opened by the application you chose.

@stevecook172001 Thats what i do now and it would be great if it changed but i have to repeat the same process every time. Its pretty annoying, because it should be that easy.

Where is this menu? I have searched and i don't anything like that?

I cant tell if the Preferences window in your post is from Opera or some other program but don’t have anything like that with my version of Opera that i got for the Software Boutique?

Fair enough. That is odd, though, because that is precisely what I usually do to fix it. I don't like Transmission and so use Qbittorrent instead.

Right click the file and choose "properties" and then go to the "open with" tab and choose Qbittorrent (or whatever bittorrent client you have installed) . See below:

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@stevecook172001 This is what i get when i right chick on the downloaded torrent hash

@stevecook172001 This is after i select open with other application and go down the list to Qbittorrent and select the option to have qbittorrent be the default application?

I don't understand what im doing wrong?

@stevecook172001 Just so there isn't any confusion you can definitely download magnet links from opera? Im not talking about the download option because sometimes a magnet is the only option available.

Hi @mauimate,

I downloaded my version direct from their site!:

@stevecook172001's option is the better way I would say!. :thumbsup:

You can access the Opera settings menu via the "Tools" > "Preferences" option!:

Apparently they got rid of the preferences menu. Try opening the magnet in a new tab! That prompted me with a dropdown to open magnets with a program of your choice.