How to make Shift + Numkeys act as in MS Windows from GUI in UM 16.04 LTS?

I'm using full keyboard with numpad (Generic 105-key intl.). I want to configure it in the following manner.

If NumLock LED is on (NumPad) is enabled, I want to make Numkeys working with <Shift> as in MS WIndows:

  • <Shift+Num7> will be <Home>;
  • <Shift+Num9> will be <PgUp>;
  • <Shift+Num1> will be <End>;
  • <Shift+Num3> will be <PgDn>;
  • <Shift+Num0> will be <Ins>;
  • <Shift+Num.> will be <Del>.

I forgot how this option is called in mate-keyboard-properties of my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS MATE.
In previous versions it was located in "Miscellaneous compatibility options" and named "Shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows"

with Gsettings equivalent located at

org.mate.peripherals-keyboard-xkb.kbd options [''compat\tnumpad:microsoft']

Could you please help me to set this option in my 16.04 LTS MATE?

Hi @Norbert_X, Keyboard Preferences, "Layouts" tab, "Options..." button.

Hope this gets it.

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Thank you very much, @Bill_MI !
I have enabled this option, and it solved the issue.

What is interesting Arduino IDE 1.8.5 does not follow these XKB settings. Other apps work as expected. This was a reason why I was thinking that Iā€™m doing something wrong :slight_smile: