How to partition a unpartitioned disk?

Hello, when I installed
Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic) 64-bit I didn't partitioned my disk. So, I'm stuck with this disk I wonder what's the easiest way to do it? I just want to divide that thing into two

I use gparted if it's not already installed you can install it then resize the disk any way you choose it's a very easy program to use.

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log in with a live cd and use gparted on the drive

Okay if I want to divide it by 2 should drag it to the left or right?

I always have my bootable OS partition on the left. I'm not sure if that is necessary. But, it is what I have always done and it works. So, if your existing partition is your bootable one, if it was me I would drag the right hand end of the partition leftwards in order to free up space to the right of that partition.


I agree with @stevecook172001 here @Qaet. That drive you're using appears to be a 5400rmp old school drive with a mechanical platter. It's best in those cases to have the system on the left, which is supposed the be near the center of the rotating plate where the seek time of the reader head is lower and the latency too because the sector you want takes less time to get to the reader.

I did this, and I put primary in the new partition is it correct? Also is it normal to show in device?

Yes, that should be fine

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Hello Qaet

This is the best advice I can give:

This gives you a solid understanding of partitioning. :slightly_smiling_face:

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