How to pin text docs to task bar

Can I ask how do I pin my text docs to the taskbar like windows?
See attachment.

You can see from this pick I have the most important text are pinned to the taskbar like windows. How do I do this in your os?


If I'm not wrong, You can create the doc, then open the dir, and drag the file to your taskbar and it should be there. Or you can pin it to your favorites. If you right click a menu should come up and give you the options to put the file where you want it.

Thank You i totally new to this as i am windows using just trying out this new os. Can i ask is their a video something that i can se to do this? I want to be flied in group like windows.

Hello syfer1987

You may find this helps to get you going:

You had to learn to use windoze, you probably picked up bits and pieces over a long time. Think of that. It is obvious that you will have to put some time into learning how to get your work done with a new OS. The good news - there are a lot of people here who will help, if you ask. Enjoy freedom, enjoy learning, enjoy GNU/Linux. :slightly_smiling_face: