How to play DRM content in Raspberry Pi 4?

Hello all,
I am running Ubuntu Mate 20.04, 64bit OS on Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) varient and have initially installed Chromium Browser and tried playing Amazon prime video in it but it gave me an error saying incompatible browser or something then I searched online and found that the Chromium Browser doesn't have the built-in Widevine installed so I followed the website

And installed the media edition of chromium browser but now it shows an error
" Your browser is missing a digital rights components. Go to chrome://components and under WidevineCdm. Click check for update."
So I tried to go to settings and as soon as I open settings in chrome browser the settings page crashes with ( Aw snap). And I am not able to go to settings to check the Protected content is Allowed or not :frowning::frowning:.

I also did try reinstalling chromium browser.
Can anyone please find a solution for this..

Can anyone confirm will this method to play DRM content on chromium work or not with the given link below

:smiley::smiley: Finally found a way to play DRM content on 64bit ubuntu 20.04.1 operating system the method to install chromium is given in the GitHub link below

I also would like to thank the creator of the script and Leepspvideo for making a video of how to install
Youtube Video link is given below

Only thing is that there is no direct gui way to open the Chromium browser

I hope the feature comes pre installed along with the official OS or as a patch update for the existing OS having firefox or chromium browser soon...:roll_eyes: